Concrete / Asphalt / Masonry

Dry Cutting Segmented
Diamond Blades

Segmented rim diamond blades have segments with a continuous matrix. They can be run either dry or wet. Running these blades wet will prolong their service life. Segmented blades are the best option for cutting when water is not available.

The cut-outs (segments) on the edge of the blade allow for air flow and cooling of the blade core. The segments also provide better exhaust of debris to deliver a faster cut. Segmented rim blades provide the roughest cut. Typical applications include cutting concrete, brick, concrete pavers, masonry/block, hard/reinforced concrete and limestone.

Dry or Wet Cutting
Turbo Diamond Blades

Turbo blades typically have soft to medium bonds for a variety of general purpose to specific cutting applications. Diamond turbo blades feature a continuous rim with an edge that is serrated. This serrated edge is designed to the give the blade faster cutting speeds while maintaining a smooth cut, combining the best qualities from both segmented and continuous rim blades.

These turbo diamond saw blades are available in sizes that range from 4” to 10” diameters. They can be used in hand-held grinders, circular saws, and tile saws to cut a variety of materials including tile, stone, marble, granite, masonry, and other building materials. Turbo diamond saw blades are available for both wet and dry cutting applications.

Walk Behind Segmented
Diamond Blades

Segmented Diamond blades made for walk behind machines and available for wet or dry applications. We carry high quality blades in a range of sizes up to 36″ and for a wide array of applications like concrete, asphalt over concrete, asphalt and green concrete.

Diamond Asphalt Blade

Diamond blades for asphalt cutting can be used for straight asphalt cutting and are available for asphalt over concrete. This type of diamond blade is for roadway construction, demolition and parking lot applications. Asphalt blades can also be used for many green concrete saw cutting applications.

Continuous Rim
Diamond Blades

Diamond continuous rim blades have softer bonds for cutting hard materials such as tile, porcelain, granite, ceramic, glass, and other materials that can chip easily. We have continuous rim blades for Granite, Glass, Porcelain and Marble in wet or dry applications

These diamond saw blades are most commonly available in 4” to 14” diameters. The smaller, 4” to 5” diameter saw blades are often used in hand-held grinders while the larger sizes are often used with circular saws and tile saws.

Tuck Point and Crack Chaser Blades

We stock high quality, long lasting diamond traditional and sandwich style tuck point blades for cleaning mortar joints. 

For cutting out cracks in concrete floor, marble and granite, we carry excellent diamond crack chaser  blades of various sizes. Call today to discuss all of your options. 

Single & Double Row
Diamond Cup Wheels

Ideal for grinding concrete and other masonry surfaces. For use on hand held grinder. Available in single and double row as well as assorted sizes. 

Metal Cutting

Steel Cutting
Carbide Tipped

We carry steel cutting saw blades made by Tenryu called Steel-Pro, which makes light work out of all kinds of mild steel: steel studs, steel sheet, steel pipe, channel, threaded rod and much, much more.

Cut ferrous metals (mild steel) faster, cleaner and easier. Available from 6″ to 16″ for everything from circular saws to low RPM saws. Abrasive discs wear quickly, requiring frequent blade changes. Steel-Pro® blades allow you to keep working; eliminating down time for frequent blade changes. In addition, these blades cut 5 to 10 times faster than abrasives. Typically, one Steel-Pro blade will outlast somewhere between 15 to 30 abrasive blades.

Aluminum Cutting
Carbide Tipped

Our Aluminum / Non-ferrous blades are available from 4″ to 16″ to fit most popular job site and shop saws. Excellent results in aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and other non-ferrous metals. Even works well in many plastics. Also good for woodworking and plastic cutting when needed.

These blades are also an excellent choice for cutting laminated flooring (i.e.: PergoR, etc.) with slide-miters or table saws.

Bandsaw Blades

We carry an extensive selection of blades for bandsaws and portable bandsaws of all sizes and TPI’s.

We stock blades by Lenox, Milwaukee, Bosch and MK Morse. Specialty sizes available by special order. Call us for details and we’ll get you fit with the right


We carry a wide range of abrasive cutting wheels and grinding wheels by CGW for gas saws, grinders and chop saws.

„„High performance extra-thin wheels – Our thinnest in the market! „„Cuts Carbon and Stainless Steels – Maximum cuts with one wheel. „„#1 Wheel for steel applications. „„Maximum cutting speeds with minimal burrs. „„A60T Super Quickie-Cut z„High performance wheels, maximum cuts with one wheel. z„Maximum cutting speeds with minimal burrs.

Wood Cutting

Silencer by Tenryu

For the finest saw blades in the world, look no further than TENRYU. TENRYU is known around the globe as the premier manufacturer of quality saw blades.

The best wood cutting blade for Slide-Miter Saws, convention Miter Saws and crosscutting with Portable Saws.

Available from 6 1/2″ to 12″ in various tooth counts form 50 – 100.

Power Tool Series
by Tenryu

The Power Tool Series is TENRYU’s comprehensive line of blades for portable and stationary power tools. More variety, better quality and greater value.

Sizes range from 4″ to 12″ for most types of applications. The TENRYU PT SERIES goes on to include thin kerf wood cutting blades designed especially for smooth cuts on miter and slide-compound.

Miter & Table Saw
by Diablo

TiCo™ Hi-Density carbide specifically designed for each application to increase performance. Perma-SHIELD Non-stick Coating protects from heat, gumming, & corrosion Super thin laser cut kerf for fast, durable, and clean cuts.

Tri-metal shock resistant brazing allows carbide tips to withstand extreme impact for maximum durability. Hardened Steel Body – warrants a longer life and sharper cutting edge.

Reciprocating & Jig Saw Blades

Lenox Recip Saw Blades

LENOX has defined performance in the reciprocating saw blade category since inventing the first bi-metal blade in 1977.

LENOX has used its century of cutting expertise to lead the way in recip performance and is redefining performance levels in the bi-metal reciprocating category with the introduction of Power Blast Technology

Milwaukee Sawzall Blades

Milwaukee Tool is committed to designing the best Sawzall Blades to our users. Our robust line of blades has a complete line up for every application.

When looking to cut wood check out the AX products from Pruning applications to Nail Embedded Wood or the best in class metal cutting blades is The TORCH™ line from from thin metal to Hard Cast Iron.

Bosch Jig Saw Blades

TiCo™ Hi-Density carbide specifically designed for each application to increase performance. Perma-SHIELD Non-stick Coating protects from heat, gumming, & corrosion Super thin laser cut kerf for fast, durable, and clean cuts.

Tri-metal shock resistant brazing allows carbide tips to withstand extreme impact for maximum durability. Hardened Steel Body – warrants a longer life and sharper cutting edge.

Oscillating & Multi Tool Blades

Imperial Blades

We stock USA made Imperial Blades for all of your major brand oscillating multi-tools, with blades for every material and application.

Imperial Blades is dedicated to providing quality solutions for every oscillating multi‑tool user. With tool fitment compatibility for every brand, our innovative blades power through the widest range of applications whether it’s on the jobsite or at home.

Fein Blades

Fein Tools brand is the original creator of the oscillating multi-tool. First made for the automotive industry, the oscillating multi-tool has become a standard in many contractor’s arsenals due to the wide variety of applications and ease of use.

We stock the Multi-Master tool and various blades for this tool. Call us for more details.

Bosch Blades

Bosch Starlock oscillating multi-tool accessories deliver a three-dimensional fit designed to provide a completely integrated system between multi-tool and accessory. This is a new dimension in torque for oscillating multi-tools. By using a three-dimensional shape instead of a flat interface, Starlock provides the highest-torque transfer, reduced vibration, and the ability for higher performance applications.

These accessories fit existing tools, as well as the next generation of high-performance Starlock tools. Bosch multi-tool accessories are Swiss made for precision accuracy and long life in the most demanding professional applications.