Job Site Preparation

Clean Mats / Walk Off Mats

Clean Mat is a polyethylene film mat with a tacky surface that prevents dust and dirt from spreading while building or remodeling. Each mat contains 30 sheets which are tabbed for easy removal of each layer.

Clean Mats are commonly placed outside of dust or lead containment areas, or used as a door mat when entering a building.

Ram Board

Protecting floors during construction and renovation has never been easier. Ram Board is heavy-duty, breathable, temporary floor protection engineered for contractors and was designed with cost and efficiency in mind. It rolls out fast and flat and it’s re-usable! Ram Board’s exclusive Spill Guard technology protects floors against paint, water, mud, and more.

Ram Board protects all types of flooring surfaces: Hardwood floors, tile, concrete, linoleum, VCT, terrazo, marble, laminate floors, and many more. Avoid damage to your floors during construction and renovation – protect your flooring investment with Ram Board. Let our temporary floor protection help you avoid costly repairs.

Kleen Sweep

KleenSweep is an premium sweeping compound, it’s patented formula blends together the highest quality and uniform sized raw materials. It is oil free making it safe for the environment and hard surface flooring. Simple sweeping in dust-rich environments tends to stir up dust and add it to the surrounding air. Using Kleen Sweep traps and absorbs dust during sweeping, reducing airborne particles up to 100%. Because Kleen Sweep Green is oil-free, it requires no special ventilation and no special disposal procedures in most construction workplaces.


The ZipWall dust barrier system is used virtually everywhere. Professional contractors across industries and trades depend on ZipWall barriers for dust protection. The ZipWall dust barrier is used in remodeling, renovation, and restoration jobs, painting and sanding, drywall and flooring jobs, demolition, concrete cutting, and the list goes on.

Beyond construction, the ZipWall dust barrier system is widely used for abatement, mold remediation and flood restoration, and is popular among facility managers who use it to keep their facilities running smoothly during construction, remodeling and renovation projects. ZipWall barriers can be found in healthcare facilities, hospitality and retail spaces, manufacturing, government and education buildings, transportation and property management buildings.

Poly Sheeting

We carry high quality Husky brand Poly Sheeting available in .7 mil to 6 mil thickness and 10′ and 20′ widths. Please call for details. Thicker mil available special order as well as vapor barrier. 

Reinforced Poly

Protect against rain, snow and gusty winds.
Create temporary walls, enclose construction sites or cover temporary windows.
Waterproof, rot-proof and chemical resistant. Reinforced scrim stops punctures and tears.


We carry various Construction Site Fence options including Snow Fence, Silt Fence and Safety Fence. Posts are available in light to heavy duty. We also stock tie wraps for fastening your fence as well as fence post drivers. UV resistant, Weather Resistant, Easy to set up and take down.